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folder-icon Can a risk be bound without identifying a leader? (e.g. if the leader is not signed up to Whitespace) folder-icon Can Facilities/Lineslips be accessed via the Platform? folder-icon Can I backload historic lineslips/facilities? folder-icon Can I search a contract for keywords? folder-icon Can I talk to the system? Does it have voice recognition? folder-icon Can offline markets be added (i.e. for those not signed up to Whitespace)? folder-icon Does the platform handle quote slips? folder-icon Does the Platform have secondary approval functionality (peer review)? folder-icon How do endorsements work in Whitespace? folder-icon How does Whitespace handle a risk with two slips i.e. order to facility and remainder a declaration to a Lineslip? folder-icon How do I backload contracts signed on paper into Whitespace? (Off-Platform Contracts) folder-icon How do I know who is the lead underwriter on a risk? folder-icon How to help us deal with your question efficiently folder-icon If a risk is created within the wrong team, can it be moved? folder-icon If a user creates a UMR in one team, what happens if another team creates an endorsement under the same UMR? folder-icon iPad or Browser: which should I use? folder-icon Is there a Whitespace app for Android? I don't have an iPhone! folder-icon Is the system based on teams? folder-icon Is Whitespace restricted to Facility placements only, or can we now attach declarations to a Lineslip/Facility? folder-icon Underwriter has used an incorrect stamp and the risk has been signed and closed. How is this amended? folder-icon What can a broker technician do? folder-icon What do you mean by “negotiating a digital contract”? folder-icon What happens if I lose my iPad? folder-icon What happens to the app when I don’t have Wi-Fi or mobile data? folder-icon What is in the History/Audit Trail? folder-icon What is Whitespace? folder-icon Which browsers does the Whitespace Platform support? folder-icon Why can't Whitespace reset my password? folder-icon Why Whitespace?
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