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How do I add subjectivities?
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When adding a written line, you have the option to add subjectivities. These can be with and/or without a deadline date. Subjectivities with a deadline may have the cover type: either 'Holding Cover' or 'No Cover Given'.


Follow the process of writing a line. Upon entering the terms of your line:


  1. Select 'Subjectivities' (under 'Additional Line Options' on iOS)
  2. Choose whether to add a deadline.
    • With deadline:

      • Choose cover type by selecting 'Holding Cover' or 'No Cover Given'. If you select 'Holding Cover', you cannot switch to 'No Cover Given' when updating your line conditions. However, you can switch from 'No Cover Given' to 'Holding Cover'.

      • Input subjectivity.

      • Choose a deadline date.

      • Select plus icon (+) to add subjectivities and minus button (-) to remove them.

    • Without deadline:

      • Input subjectivity.

  3. Finish entering the terms of your line.

  4. Select 'Write Lines' and complete the authentication process to save these changes.

iOS Tutorial


Browser Tutorial

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