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Can I edit my signature (scratch)?
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Drawing and editing your signature (scratch) is only available on the iOS app on iPad or iPhone.


As it is easier to draw your signature using the iPad's touch screen, this feature is not available on browser.


To draw and edit your scratch:



  1. Select the firm order.

  2. Click the 'Actions' menu (or '≡' on iOS) in that document.

  3. From the drop down menu, choose 'Go to Written Lines'.

  4. Select 'Add Written Line'.

  5. Choose your stamp and select 'Done'.

  6. Select your signature. 

  7. Draw your signature using the iPad's touch screen.

  8. You can redraw your scratch as many times as you wish by pressing 'Clear' and redrawing.

  9. Click 'Done' to save your drawn signature.

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