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Can I record lines written on paper in Whitespace?
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When placing a contract on Whitespace, if a carrier who doesn't use the platform has written a line on the contract, you can record this line in Whitespace. To record an off-platform line on a contract placed on Whitespace, the carrier who wrote the line must be added as an off-platform carrier by Whitespace support.


  1. Select the firm order contract on browser
  2. Open the actions menu
  3. Select Record Off-Platform Lines
  4. Select the carrier who wrote the line
  5. Record the details of the line as written on paper


You can also create off-platform contracts to reflect contracts signed on paper, with lines written by Whitespace or non-Whitespace carriers. Off-platform contracts are useful for processing endorsements on Whitespace to contracts placed outside of the platform.


  1. Create an off-platform contract
  2. Edit the contract to reflect the paper version (and add a copy of the paper version as an attachment on Whitespace)
  3. Mark the contract as firm order
  4. Record off-platform lines on the contract
  5. Sign the off-platform contract
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