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How to Manage Email Notifications on Browser.
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Email notifications provide useful alerts to actions and events on Whitespace. Notifications can be set up by users or administrators within their organisation after the user has logged in to Whitespace.


The owner of a risk will receive notifications by default. Risk ownership can be applied in the risk settings menu, and is shown by the initials on the risk card. Other users who have access to a risk can enable or disable notifications using the notifications toggle in the risk settings menu. 


There are many actions and events which trigger notification emails, for example, quotes or firm orders received, written lines, or chat messages. Email notifications include the name of the broker/carrier who performed the action, basic information to identify the risk, and a link to access the risk on Whitespace.


To set up notifications:

  1. Select the Profile button in the top-right corner of the home screen
  2. Select Edit Notification Email
  3. Enter your notification email

To enable or disable notifications on a risk:

  1. Select a risk.
  2. Select Risk Settings.
  3. Enable/disable notifications using the toggle.
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